We are in this together. You and me, our friends and our families. The world is hurting and we can make a significant difference.

The COVID-19 pandemic completely stopped me in my tracks.  My work as a music director and instructor involves creating synergy with large groups of people who interact intimately. How could I possibly continue moving forward?

Through conversations with friends, colleagues, and boards of directors I began to connect new ideas with old skill sets.  As a result, I have found many unexpected and beautiful paths forward.

My insightful youth orchestra student committee decided to embark on a virtual video project featuring He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand by Margaret Bonds. A piece which they would have performed live on March 21st.

Throughout the creation of More Than Self I kept a focus on the incredible front line workers in our community; I also made it a priority to keep our orchestra members connected. As a result I have found more happiness and fulfillment than ever before!

Arts professionals soon began contacting me to have discussions about how they could best move forward during this trying time. Since then I have been helping arts professionals see a path forward, to find their unique “win, win, win”.

WIN #1 Your organization grows, WIN # 2 You give back to your community, WIN # 3 Your career moves forward. An appropriate mindset and effective strategies will allow you to continue making progress towards your career goals in this difficult time.

My unique mixture of high level performing experience combined with incredibly diverse teaching and leadership experiences has given me a perspective which is both tall and wide! I hope that you will reach out, I look forward to hearing your unique story!

Please take care of each other,

Thomas G. Kociela

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